Let’s Give Peace a Chance

Peace Dollars 1921 to 1935

The coin issued to commemorate the end of The Great War.

Designed by Anthony de Francisci, the peace dollar was issued to memorialize the end of the WWI, which ended a hundred years ago this November.
The design has a number of references to peace. The obverse has a “V” that replaces the “U” in “In God We Trust”.
The reverse has a bald eagle perched on a mountain crag, with rays of light shining upwards reflecting the dawn of a new era, symbolic of the abolishment of war and the perpetuation of peace. The eagle holds an olive branch in its talons. The first design had an eagle holding a broken sword symbolizing disarmament, this was changed because it was considered defeatist.
The design of this coin was groundbreaking and it reflects quite well the mood globally after WWI. Almost 18 million people died in the war, making it one of deadliest in human history. All we are saying is give peace a chance.