Numismatics. What is it?

It’s what makes this coin worth $6,000.00

Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, in this case coins.

This particular coin, an 1893-CC Morgan Silver Dollar has some very special numismatic attributes. It is in mint state original condition, grading MS61 and certified by PCGS.

The mintage (how many were produced) for this date, from the Carson City mint is a very low 677,000. Compare this to the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar from the Philadelphia mint, with a mintage of 44,690,000.
The population for the 1893-CC Morgan Silver Dollar (how many exist in any given grade) is 522, with only 2,850 known that are better. These factors: date, mint mark, mintage population and condition are at the heart of numismatics and make the coin rare and therefor valuable.
The 1921 Morgan silver Dollar referenced above, in the same condition as our 1893-cc is valued at $35.00. This is based on it’s large mintage, population and obvious availability.
Most noteworthy, both coins have a silver value of $12.75 at our current silver price of $16.50 per oz and look the same to someone not trained in numismatics.